Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Actual content soon, randumb musings & new books

I have some interviews and profiles of local bookstores I'm lining up, so I promise *soon* I'll actually have readable and (hopefully) interesting content here for you. One of the ironic things is that I have so little time to gather everything up for this blog because I have so much reading to do. Believe me, I know that's an awesome problem to have and I'm embracing it with late nights of "Just one more chapter, then I'll sleep." "Alright, that was a short one, after this, sleep." "More read. Sleep. Later." "Wha- what? Morning already? I'm sorry I drooled on your book, Mr. Vonnegut."

Since I've started receiving ARCs for review, I've fallen even more behind on my "TBR" shelves/piles. The thing is- I'm not just a bookworm, I'm an actual book addict. I'm addicted to buying books and just feeling them in my hands and smelling that delicious pulp.

Just last night I went to a local B&N just because being surrounding by thousands

of books calms me down and usually sparks my imagination, which I then try to funnel into writing. The problem is, I have zero self control when it comes to book buying. Last night I ended up getting Voltaire's Candide (it was only $5!) and Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives, with 2666 coming to me in the mail
I guess I have the Bolaño fever a lot of other book addicts have right now.

I sat down and did my "To Buy Or Not To Buy?" test- read the first
few pages to see if I dig the prose, the voice- just if it captures me. As an aside- I really do recommend this. I've saved a lot of money and frustration by reading a bit in the store. Some books, like An Arsonists Guide to Writers Homes in New England treacherously made me buy it with a great title, a plot that sounded unique and engaging and all kinds of gushing praise on the covers. Then when I get around to reading the thing I discover the execution is actually like an execution. So in short- try then buy (or not buy) and "Arsonists Guide" is a terrible novel.

Anyway, after Bolaño's deceptively simple strings of words slowly wrapped
around my neck until I was completely absorbed in the story and cut off from my surroundings, I couldn't resist. I also got the new issue of Bookmarks (even my magazines are about books, heyzeus...) and a monkey bookmark. Those who know me know I can't resist a good monkey bookmark- and if you didn't, now you do know. Oh, and you could buy a children's book at the cashier to donate, and I also love giving kids books (even indirectly) so yea, that too. I seem to be cutting back on everything but books- thankfully they're a hell of a lot cheaper then some of my friends' video game and meth addictions.

Oh, and I also frequent the two libraries in short driving distance, find steals at 50 cents to $3 at their "Friends of the Library" used bookstores IN the library, I'm a very active member of Paperbackswap, and there's three local used bookstores I go to fairly frequently. I'd ask for help but deep down I don't want it.

I ended up spilling some coffee on the new books when I got home, and I'm not at all a book abuser so I drama queened my reaction up pretty well.
So, invisible, made-up reader in my head who thinks my blog is fabulous- do you enjoy
bookstores, or try to avoid them altogether and just get them delivered to your home? If you're a big reader, do you also enjoy the physical books themselves? What about building your personal library? (That's my classy way of asking if you're a fellow book shop-a-holic.)

WOW- this is insane- but true!- the doorbell just rang and my order with 2666 just came! One of the bloggers from one of my favorite blogs posts her "hauls" and I love reading those for some reason, so here's what showed up.

2666 by Roberto Bolaño- I got the version with it split into three books in a nice box set.
Just After Sunset by Stephen King- I usually NEVER buy King new in hardcover (like Grisham and Clancy, his books end up everywhere used after a few months), but my buddy Nick tipped me off that there's a DVD of that N. series if you get it from B&N, and I couldn't resist because I'm a giant sucker. Plus, I think King shines most in short short story form, and that's what got me into him after failing to engage in his description maximum overdrive (punny!) in his full=length stories.
Burlesque & Fetish and the Art of the Teese by Dita Von Teese. Ok, not literature- but I've been dying for this book (I'm a big fan of
Von Teese and old-fashioned burlesque in general) and decided to use my gift certificate on it. Flipping through right now... it's gorgeous. Marilyn Manson- you're a schmo.
I have a feeling this will be the one book people ask me to borrow, rather than the normal situation of me foisting books onto them. I really can't get why so many enjoy weird, plastic-y, gross porn that uses cameras as a gynecologist/proctologist over titillation from a stunning, classy woman that teases with beautiful clothes and lingerie. If I went to a strip club with my boyfriend I'm sure I'd feel grimy, but when it comes to Forty Deuce I've been dying to go.

Men- who can figure them out? Not me- I'll stick to my books.

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