Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog Manifesto

I thought I'd take a few minutes and put up an entry to explain what I'd like this blog to become and my goals for it. I know at the moment nobody is reading this, but hopefully once it's around longer and I (hopefully) add on interesting and relevant content, more readers will discover and bookmark it. If you are reading this and enjoy it please link me on your blog/website/anything and I'll be sure to return the favor.

Vegas is known for flash, short-term instant gratification and surface beauty- not exactly the reading capital of... anything. Still, those of us who live here have non-Strip-related hobbies and I think there's a place for this blog. I would love to encourage other locals to discover more books and events through this blog, and champion "reading for pleasure" as much as possible. From what I've heard and read, the majority of residents tend to stick with non-fiction and maybe the occasionally best-seller. There's so much more out there, and hopefully I can distill some of that to foist onto those who are too busy to discover it themselves.

This blog will be a mixture of personal reading habits and Vegas-centric events, people and anything else that falls under that book-shaped umbrella. I'm planning on profiling local authors, bookstores and editors- and if you stumbled onto this blog and are any one of those things- please contact me! I'll do my best to attend or at least report on literary events and signings, and also post opinion pieces. I'd also love pieces from my fellow local Vegas readers, so if there's an issue that's literature related then please get in touch with me, either in the comments section or at

I've lived in Vegas since I was 16, and I'm 25 now. I've lived here long enough to know the city, but I remember how things work outside of this crazy place, too. Thanks for checking this blog out, and feel free to leave comments on what you think so far or any suggestions of content you'd like to see!


chicymonkey said...

I'm reading this, cutie. Can't wait for the adventures.

CT said...

The most important thing I would like to see in this blog is continuing updates. Don't get me hooked and leave me high and dry without content, lady!

I just started reading Oscar Wao yesterday, I know you are a big fan of that book...

I couldn't take The Historian any longer. I haven't officially stopped reading it, but after 5 months and only making it half way through... yeah, I should give it up.

Anyway, I hope to read more posts!